Gramke Monument Works Inc.

Veteran's Memorials

Veteran's Government markers are issued by the United States Government. These markers are either granite, bronze or marble. Contact your local Veteran's Services Department for assistance in ordering these markers. Gramke Monument Works will contract with families to have these markers installed in the cemetery. We also work with families seeking to order matching Veteran's style markers for spouses.
The Department of Veteran's Services has made available a new Veteran's medallion to be affixed to an existing privately purchased marker.  The medallion will be furnished in lieu of a traditional Government bronze plaque or gray granite Veteran's memorials.  The medallion is currently available in three sizes: 5 inches, 3 inches and 1-1/2 inches.  Each medallion will be inscribed with the word Veteran at the top and the Branch of Service at the bottom.  These medallions can be installed on the marker, mausoleum or columbarium niche cover by the family, cemetery personnel or by individual monument companies.  Please contact your local Department of Veteran's Services Office for more information.  If you desire to have Gramke Monument Works attach the medallion, please contact our office for installation cost.
24" x 12" Veteran's Bronze Marker
8-1/2" x 5-1/2" Veteran's Niche Bronze Plaque
24" x 12" x 4" Gray Granite Veteran's Flat Marker
42" x 13"  x "4 Veteran's Upright Granite or Marble
Veteran's Medallion Benefit