Gramke Monument Works Inc.

In Stock Custom Monuments

Pictured below are custom-shaped monuments that we have in stock.  Please view the slide show for a closer look at these special designed monuments.
Black Mist Teddy Bear Monument
Top:  12x4x20
Base:  24x10x6
Georgia Gray Lamb Monument
Top:  14x4x20
Base: 24x12x6

Jet Black Heart with Sculptured Angel & Roses
Top:  36x8x36
Base:  48x14x8
Sparkle Black Sculptured Tree Monument
Top:  36x6x32
Base:  48x12x6
India Rose Scalloped Monument
Top:  36x6x20
Base:  48x12x6
Dakota Mahogany Special Cut Monument
Top:  30x6x42
Base: 42x12x6
Vermont Gray Roof-Top Monument
Top:  24x8x36
Base: 34x14x8
Autumn Rose Wing-Style Monument
Wings:  16x8x24
Plinth: 10x10x26
Base: 54x14x8
China Gray Cremation Bench
Seat:  36x14x4
Supports: 12x6x12
China Black Panels: 21x1x12
Base:  36x14x4
China Gray Double Heart Monument
Top:  36x6x22
Base: 48x12x6
Dakota Rose Special Cut Monument
Top:  48x8x28
Base:  60x14x8
Sequoia Red Rock Boulder Monument
Top:  42x8x28
Base: 54x14x8
Dakota Mahogany Half-Serp Monument
Top:  42x8x24
Base: 54x14x8