Gramke Monument Works Inc.

Selecting Your Memorial

At Gramke Monument Works, Inc., we encourage individuals to select memorials before the need arises.  Your selection of a family memorial should be made ahead of time while all are present to participate in the choice and give it the careful thought it deserves.  Selecting a memorial ahead of time offers you the opportunity to select exactly what you want rather than leaving it to family members to guess what you wanted.  Planning ahead is one less emotional burden for a grieving family to deal with during the stressful and straining times  surrounding bereavement.  Financially, purchasing a memorial pre-need is a wise decision.  The cost of a memorial increases yearly as the cost of living goes up.  Therefore, today's  purchase price will not be the same cost a year or two down the road. Gramke Monument Works, Inc. always has courteous, professional staff available to help you choose just the right memorial for your needs.

When choosing a memorial, take your time in selecting exactly what you want.  The marker or monument will be permanent and will last a very long time.  The sudden loss of a loved one can be a stressful time.  We urge you not to make an immediate decision during this difficult time of grieving.  We are always happy to guide you in your selection.  Every cemetery will have its own rules and regulations concerning the size restrictions, style of markers allowed, foundation requirements, and cemetery permit fees. We have a working knowledge of cemeteries in our local area and can assist you with this information.


There are many things to be considered in purchasing a memorial.  A consideration needs to be made concerning whether or not the memorial is going on a family lot. If this is the case, are you trying to match existing markers on the lot?  If not, then the following decisions need to be made:  style of marker, granite color and size of the marker.  Once this information is decided upon, then you will be ready to decide on the lettering style, inscription information, ornamentation and personal elements that might be important to you.


We also offer flower vases, colored ceramic photos and black and white metal photos to enhanced your memorial.


For those interested in etchings on their memorials, we work with a local artist who has his own designs; and who will also do custom design work.  He uses a specialized diamond-tipped tool to etch the image directly into the granite.  Etched designs are finely engraved and very detailed.  They become a permanent part of the stone and will last indefinitely.