Gramke Monument Works, Inc.


Gramke Monument Works, Inc. offers a variety of  sizes, shapes and granite colors for your memorial selection.  We offer four basic marker styles; Flat Markers, Bevel-Top Markers, Slant-Face Markers, and two-piece Upright Monuments.  Below is a description of each style of marker.  Reference to a single marker would be for one individual. Reference to a double marker would be for two individuals.

A Flat Marker is normally 4" in height with a polished top, balance rough rock.   This style of marker can be set level with the ground on a foundation or it can sit upright on a foundation.  Single Flat Marker Sizes: 16" x 8", 20" x 10", 24" x 12". Double Flat Marker Sizes: 30" x 12" or 36" x 12".  

A Bevel-Top Marker has a polished top, balance rough rock and is either 6" for 8" high. Bevel-Top markers are slanted so that the back of the marker is slightly higher than the front of the marker. Single Bevel-Top Marker Sizes: 16" x 8", 20" x 10", 24" x 12". Double Bevel-Top Marker Sizes: 30" x 12" or 36" x 12".

A Slant-Face Marker is normally 16" tall in height with a polished face, sawed back, balance rough rock, Serpentine top. Serpentine tops are standard, however, they can be straight across or rounded. Slant-Face Markers are wedge shaped with the face running at an angle and the back is straight up and down. A matching granite base can be added.  Single Slant-Face Marker Sizes: 16" x 10", 20" x 10", 24" x 10". Double Slant-Face Marker Sizes: 30" x 10" x 36" x 10".
A Two-Piece Upright monument consists of a top piece which is 6" or 8" thick and stands straight up and down. This piece sits on a matching granite base to make it more stable.   The top piece comes in varying sizes, shapes and finishes. Generally, the standard finish on a matching granite base has a polished top, balance rough rock.  Base finishes can also varying from the standard such as all polished, all smooth (no polished surfaces), polished rounds, and polished margins.
We also offer granite memorial Benches to mark grave sites in cemeteries that allow them to be installed. Bench memorials come in varying sizes, shapes and finishes.
In addition to the above granite memorials, we are also a bronze plaque dealer. The bronze plaques come in several different sizes and design styles.
For the pet lovers, we carry special-shaped granite pieces that can be engraved with your pet's name and other information. These pet memorials fit well in a yard or garden settings.  We also offer a Limestone pet marker.
Veteran's Government markers are issued by the United States Government. These markers are either granite, bronze or marble.  Contact your local Veteran's Services Department for assistance in ordering these markers. Gramke Monument Works will contract with families to have these markers installed in the cemetery. We also work with families seeking to order matching Veteran's style markers for spouses.
Please view our photo gallery sections to give you a clearer idea of how each memorial appears.  All photos represent a sampling of memorials we have produced.  Contact Gramke Monument Works with any questions you might have.