Gramke Monument Works, Inc.


Gramke Monument Works, Inc. specializes in at-need and pre-need memorials.  We also install bronze and granite Veteran's memorials.


Final date and other inscription work can be ordered through us.  We work with a cemetery lettering service to complete the work for memorials already installed in the cemetery.
We service cemeteries in our local area within a 40-mile radius from Janesville, WI.  Delivery on memorials beyond the 40-mile radius will be dependent upon cemetery location and incur a delivery charge. 
We do not accept delivery on or set memorials purchased from other companies over the internet.  We do not want to accept the liability for handling memorials we do not produce. 
We caution potential buyers purchasing memorials over the internet.  Please make sure you know exactly what you are purchasing with regard to quality of granite and workmanship.  Questions to consider:  Does the seller know the rules, regulations and size restrictions of the cemetery involved? Who will be responsible for setting the memorial in the cemetery?  Who will install the cement foundation (almost all cemetery require a foundation)?