Gramke Monument Works Inc.

Vases & Cremation Urn

Vases are a perfect way to enhance the beauty of your memorial and provide a way to display your floral arrangements.

Metalcraft vases are constructed of  die-cast aluminum and are coated with a color finish.  They come in a variety of styles and sizes.  They can be permanently mounted on the base of your memorial, on the back of the memorial or can be ground mounted.  Vase colors are as follows:  Antique Bronze, Antique Silver, Bronze, Dark Gray, Ebony, Mahogany, Metalcraft Gray, Ruby, Sappire Blue, Silver Gray, Statuary Bronze, Sunset Rose.  See color samples below - colors may vary from actual color of vase due to printing.


The in-ground vases are only available in the following styles: Gem, Crest, Classic, Crown, Regal, Paragon and Tiara. They also come in the colors listed above.

Granite vases are made to match the granite of your memorial.  These vases come in a variety of styles and sizes.  
Metalcraft cremation urns are constructed of die-cast aluminum and coated with a color finish.  Urns are available in the following colors:  Antique Bronze, Antique Gold, Antique Patina and Antique Silver.  See color samples below - colors may vary from actual color of urn due to printing.
Metalcraft Vases

Mahogany Gem

Silver Gray Crest

Dark Gray Oakleaf

Ebony Regal Without Cross

Silver Gray Regal With Cross

Silver Gray Cameo

Bronze Tiara

Silver Gray Patriot

Silver Gray Crown

Ebony Classic

6 x 10 Mahogany Paragon

4 x 10 Antique Silver Paragon

Metalcraft In-Ground Vases

Open In-Ground Vases

Antique Silver Crown

Mahogany Crest

Closed In-Ground Vases

Antique-Silver Crown

Mahogany Crest

Metalcraft Cremation Urn

Antique Patina Cremation Urn

Cremation Urn Colors

Antique Bronze

Antique Gold

Antique Patina

Antique Silver

Granite Vase

Georgia Gray Granite

Metalcraft Vase Colors

Antique Bronze

Antique Silver

Dark Gray



Metalcraft Gray


Sapphire Blue

Silver Gray

Statuary Bronze

Sunset Rose