Gramke Monument Works Inc.

Granite Colors

 At Gramke Monument Works, Inc.,  we use only granite stones due to its hardness and durability against time and the elements.  Granite never loses its color, sparkle and depth.  We offer a large selection of domestic granites; as well as, several imported granites.  The quality of the granite is an important factor we consider in determining which granites we will carry.  Not all granites are the same.  There are many grades of granites.  We purchase only the highest grade available to ensure the best quality for carving and lettering and that our customers will be satisfied with their selection.
Below are photographs and a slide show of some of the granite colors we carry in stock.  There are many other granites available.  It is difficult to show a granite's true color from a photograph.  We encourage you to visit our outdoor display to see the granites in their natural lighting and beauty.
Blue Pearl is the most expensive granite and Georgia Gray is the least expensive.  All other granites fall in between.
Blue Pearl
Jet Black


Autumn Rose
Red Wausau

Dakota Mahogany

Vermont Gray

Georgia Gray

India Red

Dakota Rose

Black Mist