Gramke Monument Works Inc.

Heart-Shaped Monuments

Pictured below are some of the Heart-Shaped Slants and Monuments that we have produced.  Heart-Shaped Slants and Monuments come in a variety of granite colors, shapes, finishes and sizes.

Heart-Shaped Slants

36x10x16 Jet Black Single-Heart Slant

Frosted Sunk Lettering

36x10x16 Georgia Gray Single-Heart Slant

Sandblast Letters in Polish

36x10x16 Black Mist Double-Heart Slant

48x16x4 Black Mist Base

Sandblast Lettering

Heart-Shaped Monuments

Jet Black Single-Heart Monument

Top:  18x6x16  

Base:  34x12x6

Frosted Sunk Lettering for Name, Sandblast Lettering for Dates

Jet Black Single-Heart Monument

Top:  24x6x22  

Base:  34x12x4

Frosted Sunk Lettering

Black Mist Single-Heart Monument

Top:  30x6x24 

Base:  40x12x6

Sandblast Lettering

Georgia Gray Double-Heart Monument

Top:  36x6x20 

Base:  48x12x6

Sandblast Lettering

Dakota Mahogany Custom Heart Monument

Top:  42x6x22 

Base:  54x12x6

Sandblast Family Name, Balance Frosted Outline Lettering

Red Wausau Dounle-Heart Monument

Top:  50x6x28 

Base:  50x12x6

Frosted Outline Family Name, Balance Sandblast Lettering