Gramke Monument Works Inc.

Child Markers & Monuments

At Gramke Monument Works, Inc., we have produced many infant, adolescent and teen memorials.  They have ranged from the traditional Bevel-Top marker to custom monument designs.  Pictured below are a few of the memorials we have completed.  As always, we try to personalize each memorial.
16x8x4African Black Flat Marker
Sandblast Lettering
16x8x8 Dakota Rose Bevel
Sandblast Lettering
20x10x8 Vermont Gray Bevel
Sandblast Lettering
20x10x16 Vermont Gray Slant
Sandblast Lettering
Jet Black Monument
Top:    24x6x20 
Base:  34x12x6
Name Polished Outline Letters, Balance Frosted Outline
Jet Black Bear Monument
Top:  12x4x20  
Base:  24x10x6
Sandblast Lettering
Georgia Gray Pooh Bear Monument
Top:  16x6x22 
Base:  24x10x6
Sandblast Lettering
Georgia Gray Rocking Horse Monument
Top:  18x4x24 
Base:  24x12x6
Frosted Outline Lettering

Race Car Monument
Car:  30x8x8 Evergreen  
Base:  34x14x12 Shell White
Sandblast Lettering
Georgia Gray Bench
Seat:  36x14x4 
Pedestal:  30x8x16
Base:  36x16x4
Frosted Outline Lettering Name & Dates, Balance Sandblast Lettering