Gramke Monument Works, Inc.

A granite monument should be a meaningful and lasting tribute to the memory of a loved one.  Gramke Monument Works,  Inc. delivers the quality and service you'd expect from three generations of experience.


What is a Monument?

A monument is far more than a means of marking the resting place of an individual or a family.


It is a symbol of devotion.  It is a tangible expression of the noblest of all human emotions - Love.


It should not reflect sorrow but rather the long years of warmth and affection typical of the American family.


A monument is built because there was a Life - not a Death; and with intelligent selection and proper guidance should inspire reverence, faith and hope for the living.


As an essential part of our American way of life, a monument should speak out as a voice from Yesterday and Today to ages yet unborn.  

The desire to remember and memorialize loved ones is a tradition that has lasted through time.  At Gramke Monument Works, Inc., our expertly crafted monuments and markers retain their natural beauty against time and the elements. They never lose their color, sparkle and depth that mark the true quality and excellence found in every granite we carry. In every way, a granite monument is a thoughtful and lasting tribute to the memory of a loved one.